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Deliciously Planty: 1-Month Vegan Diet Meal Plan & Education Program

This incredible 1-month high-raw vegan diet program will provide you with:
♥ 4 weeks of easy, delicious and incredibly healthy whole food plant-based meals that are high-raw vegan and completely unprocessed
♥ Weekly grocery lists, with links to where you can purchase pantry items online
♥ Weekly batch cooking/meal prep guides, to prep ahead and save cooking time during the week
♥ A 4-part video series that will teach you how to:

✓ Prevent deficiencies on a vegan diet (reviewing all of the major nutrients and how to fulfill them through food and supplements)
✓ Meal prep effectively and easily, following my unique time-saving method
✓ Create delicious and easy vegan meals that fulfill all your nutrient requirements

The Effortlessly Flavorful Vegan Kitchen

✔ Learn from my 6+ years of experience eating and teaching a simple and satisfyingwhole food, high-raw plant-based diet condensed into a simple-to-follow online course

 Implement my unique step-by-step method for creating easy & quick, flavorful and nutrient-dense vegan meals

✔ Follow a supportive online course, right from the comfort of your own home, and get all your questions answered by me

✔ Improve your health and digestion, while preventing many of the most common diseases, by finally sticking to a whole food, high-raw plant based diet with pleasure and ease

✔ Never struggle for hours in the kitchen making complicated, bland meals again:prepare to turn every mealtime into a celebration of flavor!

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