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In this post, I will explore cooking with essential oils recipes that make raw vegan food even more fun! Cooking with essential oils makes raw food preparation a lot more quick. For example, instead of using the juice of an entire lemon in a recipe, you can actually replace it with 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil!

These cooking with essential oils recipes also demonstrate the amazing variety in food. Incorporating essential oils into your food changes the flavors a bit, and also enhances your nutrient intake. Did you know that citrus essential oils are derived from the peel of citrus? This peel has a very different nutrient profile than the inside of the lemon.

For more information on essential oils, please visit my friend’s Dr. Danielle Daniel’s website here:

Essential oils are incredible for helping to deal with some of the root emotions we experience as we overeat. The cool thing is that you can not only smell and rub the oils on your body, but you can actually use them in your food! Read more about emotional wellness on my blog post here.

Below, you can download a FREE PDF with 3 delicious and easy raw vegan recipes that include essential oils. These are:

  1. Pasta with rich rosemary-thyme tomato sauce
  2. Turmeric-tahini salad
  3. Delicate lemon tarts

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