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How I Fell in Love with Plant-Based Food After Years of Binging on Cheese…

It may sound crazy, but just 6 years ago, I was in the exact same place as you are – unsatisfied with healthy food. I could easily finish an entire bag of chips for dinner, or a block of cheese. But I had no idea how to make a fulfilling healthy meal.

But after a couple of years into my plant-based journey, I fell in love with meals like these:

Vegan in Puerto Vallarta | Soul in the Raw


These meals were SO DELICIOUS, that I finally started feeling satisfied after eating only plants. But that was not all.


Over time, I learned even more about nutrition and cooking, and I improved my diet further. While I thought that I felt great just eating vegan, I cannot even explain to you how I feel now that I have adopted a science-based approach to eating. And I look forward to every meal:



You can see from these photos that my meals today look like gourmet vegan restaurant meals. Yet they only take 15-30 minutes to make.

The best part about this is not only that I am able to easily stick to a diet that I truly enjoy. The best part is how I feel: energized, happy, fulfilled, and incredibly clear-minded.


But again, I must emphasize the wide gap between my success with sticking to this lifestyle now, and when I started…


Maybe you resonate with some of these feelings:


Excited to eat healthy, but nervous about the time commitment. You’re excited about the idea of eating healthy, but unsure you can actually devote all this time to it: the food prep and grocery shopping, not to mention planning out your meals.


Scared that healthy food = boring food. You will never be able to stick to a diet of carrot sticks and celery for too long. You need something more exciting, more delicious. But you are really not sure how to make healthy food actually taste good.


Overwhelmed with planning a nutritionally-balanced diet. While you have heard great things about this lifestyle, you’re not really sure how to plan a well-balanced diet that is not deficient in calcium, iron, protein, and all the other vital nutrients your body needs.


Losing your motivation every time you give into cravings. Every time you “give in” to that piece of cheese or meat, it feels incredibly discouraging. You feel like a total failure, and you start wondering when you’ll actually be able to do this effortlessly, without cravings…


Sick of “cheating”, and ready to go whole food, plant-based. You know that unhealthy food drains your energy, and is just not the way to optimal health, and you also know that eating plant-based is perfect for you. You’re so ready for this, but you just need someone to lay out the steps for you on what to eat every day for the healthiest, quickest, and most satisfying, cravings-busting plant-based diet. 


If you’re feeling any of these, you are totally in the right place.

And if you’re not able to stick to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, you are losing out on creating the optimal you: energetic, strong, and healthy. And most importantly, you’re losing out on the disease-prevention power of this incredible lifestyle.

You can and you will easily and successfully stick to this lifestyle, without struggling or constantly thinking of ways to avoid cravings.

When I started the plant-based journey back in 2011, I wasn’t sure if I could make it work. It was so different than how I was eating before.

But I was inspired, watching my mom heal an incredibly devastating illness: she successfully healed a bladder disease called Interstitial Cystitis, and as a result, my partner and I were motivated to make this lifestyle work for us too.

We started by first removing processed food from our home, and actually reading labels. We discovered that a lot of what we were eating was not really even food.

I was struggling to remove fish and cheese, and using a lot of oil in my food. And as a result, I still suffered from severe PMS pain (so debilitating, that I would often take 10 painkillers a day to survive), and horrible digestion.

It was not until about 4 years later when I actually started learning about whole food, plant-based nutrition and the scientifically-based way to eat that I saw results.

There was also a lot of trial and error in the kitchen. I would bring lunch to work, eat it, and feel like I need more and more… I didn’t quite understand how to make a meal that would satisfy me.

But what kept me going was my belief in this lifestyle and its healing powers. Not only through case studies and reliable research papers that I read, but also by witnessing my mother’s incredible transformation from not leaving the house due to severe pain, to living a normal life again!

Every little step I took in my diet for the better, like removing the fish, eggs, cheese, and oil, had an impact on my health. My cramps started whithering away, and I no longer constantly felt like I had a big rock in my belly. My digestion was improving little by little!

Along the journey, I continued believing that I would eventually find whole food, plant-based meals that would be simple enough to prepare, satisfying, and incredibly healthy, despite all the cravings I was having.

Easy Vegan Mediterranean Farro Salad with Vegan Feta | Soul in the Raw

My life has made a complete 180 from the days of craving junk food and dairy cheese…

  • I wake up every day excited about every meal I will eat. It is the most delicious food I have ever had
  • I am extremely confident in the kitchen, and I know how to make quick meals
  • I feel incredibly satisfied and also very light and healthy after every meal I eat
  • I have 0 cravings for anything other than what I eat


You may be feeling super frustrated and overwhelmed, and not sure how to approach this lifestyle. Your “why” for wanting to eat this way could be wanting to be:

  • Healthy and energized enough to be active with your kids and grandkids
  • Preventing and even reversing chronic illnesses, like heart diseases, diabetes, or even cancer
  • Eating according to your values of compassion and protection of the environment

Whatever your reason may be, I want to show you the way to get there. 

This meal plan is exactly what you need to successfully go plant-based, without struggles, without long hours in the kitchen, without cravings.

  • Eating delicious and simple meals that taste amazing!
  • Eating meals that are nutritionally balanced. Meaning that you will eat all the nutrients your body actually needs, making your cravings disappear and leaving you feeling satisfied.
  • Not spending hours in the kitchen testing out new recipes.
  • Having a set grocery list and taking some time to meal prep at the beginning of the week, so that you budget your groceries, buy healthy foods, and have 0 temptations since most of your food will be made ahead of time.

There are so many people out there frustrated and trying to figure out how to eat this way without all the struggles.

This is how you do it.

This meal plan is an easy way to stick to a healthy, delicious plant-based lifestyle. All the work of planning is done for you. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions.

But before I show you Deliciously Planty, let’s look at the common mistakes you are probably making with your diet right now.


5 Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making with your Diet

1. You Don’t Know How to Create Meals that are Both Delicious & Nutritious

Plant-based food does not have to be boring. Making plant-based meals that are both delicious and nutritious is very simple, and crucial in order to continue eating this way long term.

Yes, it can be boring. But healthy food can easily be the most delicious food you’ve ever had in your life, you just need to know how to prepare it correctly.

2. You’re Believing Myths About Nutrition

You’ve heard that a whole food, plant-based diet is extremely healthy, but you think that in order to plan a healthy diet without animal products, you have to have the knowledge of a nutrition Professor at Harvard.

While it’s crucial to create a well-balanced plant-based diet plan, it is very easy to do this. Just know this: a plant-based diet has been scientifically proven to be superior to any other way of eating, and eating plant-based has been shown to raise vitamin intake and overall nutrition, as compared to a standard diet, which includes animal products.

3. You Eat Too Much Refined Food

You may be eating mostly plant-based, but you’re most likely not eating a majority of whole foods. While “refined” sounds extravagant, it is not what your body needs. Your body needs simple, yet very flavorful and nutrient-rich foods to thrive.

Eating refined foods here and there is fine, but most people eat way too much of them on a daily basis without even knowing, causing health issues and cravings.

4. You Believe that Delicious Vegan Meals Take Hours to Prepare

They don’t. Complicated vegan meals take hours to prepare.

After eating this way for almost 7 years, I have learned exactly how to make vegan meals that are both simple and insanely delicious.

5. You Don’t Have Proper Guidance

You can search for recipes all day long, and try them in your kitchen for hours. But this will leave you with fragmented information that you won’t be able to put into a cohesive meal plan.

The key is understanding how to put together a complete, well-balanced, healthy, delicious and satisfying meal plan that you can follow long-term with joy, and without constant cravings!

Take a moment to imagine a world where you could…

Enjoy flavorful plant-based meals that taste amazing.

You don’t only eat a healthy diet, you enjoy a lifestyle where you are excited for every single meal you make, making it super easy to sustian for life. 

Hi Marina! I just finished our day 7 dinner and everything was so great! It was definitely tons of fun and got me out of my rut.  It gave me some courage to try new things and eat more fruit, more calories, etc.  I felt great, and I think I might have slimmed down a bit even.  I fed the dinners and some lunches to the family and they liked it all too.  My favorite part by far were the breakfasts as I was getting stuck in the same green smoothie bowl land I have been in for a while.
Lindsay W.

Prepare vegan meals in minutes.

Get in and out of the kitchen in 30 minutes, tops, and actually have time for things you want to do in your day!


The ingredients were easy to find, the instructions are clear, I liked the flavor of most meals, the meals were filling and you don’t need unusual kitchen utensils.
Marloes D.

Easily sustain a whole food, plant-based diet without cravings.

Your meals taste so good and have so much nutrition that you are not feeling the need to eat animal products, and have 0 cravings!

Wow! Soul in the Raw’s 1-week meal plan was easy to follow, enjoyable to make and create dressings / meals that I have never created before! The plan was very well thought out with flavorful meals for the week! Preparing for the week was simple and I felt great knowing that I was organized and ready to eat healthy.

The meals were definitely filling; especially since I knew I was eating much more healthier than I have been used to do and I really did take the time to “chew” my food – enjoy the new textures and flavors – this meal plan really has helped open my eyes and pallet to new veggies and tastes as well as helping me with mindful eating … it is so important in addition to what you put in your mouth – its about why you are putting what you are putting in your mouth … enjoying it and not overdoing it. I really need to remember Food is Fuel and your meal plan helps solidify that for me! Thank you!!

Invigorated with the various flavors and textures; yes, I was eating boring foods and meals – quick and easy before.

Michelle T.

Experience the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Feel energetic, clear-minded, have great digestion, and even better sleep!

I am in love with the berry oats and the baked sweet potato. I will continue to eat both of those regularly. Each meal filled me up and kept me full for hours after eating.

I have never felt better.
Jennifer P.

Introducing Deliciously Planty


All meals are vegan, meaning no animal products, including honey, are used.

Healthy and Nutrient-Dense

All 4 weeks of these high-raw vegan meal plans were carefully crafted for optimal nutrition.

Whole Food Plant-Based

No refined or processed ingredients (such as sugar of any kind, like maple syrup, coconut sugar, etc. and any added oils) are used in these meals.

Easy, Quick and Super Delicious

Healthy meals that not only make you feel awesome, but also satisfy your taste buds, and are very easy and quick to make.

Incredible Vegan Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners – Covered ✓

4 Weeks of Healthy & Delicious Vegan Meal Plans

Creating your own healthy and delicious meal plan is challenging: you have to think of nutrition, flavor, and ease of prep. I have put together 4 weekly PDF’s with 4 weeks’ worth of easy, delicious and incredibly healthy whole food plant-based meals that are high-raw and unprocessed. That’s over 80 vegan recipes! This meal plan is carefully crafted to fulfill your weekly nutritional needs.

Weekly Plant-Based Grocery Lists

Do you walk into the grocery store totally confused and overwhelmed? Not anymore. I have made grocery shopping a breeze by including 4 weekly grocery lists for you to use – one for each week. The ingredients are easy to access and find, and links are provided to where you can purchase pantry items online. There are no added oils or refined sugars, or preservatives/additives of any kind used.

Weekly Batch Cooking/Meal Prep Guides

A key to making your plant-based journey completely free of cravings and temptations, plus saving major time on food prep, is batch cooking! I have included a weekly batch cooking guide to help you get through your week – stress-free!

Incredible Bonus

Bonus: Info-Packed Video Course ($49 Value)

If you want to sustain a whole food, plant-based diet long term, you have to be knowledgeable about the nutrients your body needs, and the foods you can get them from. In this incredible, 4-part video course, you will learn all the nutrients your body needs to thrive on a whole food, plant-based lifestyle and prevent deficiencies through foods and supplements. Learn how to meal prep effectively, and how to create delicious and easy meals out of these life-giving and life-saving plant foods. Seeing this content in video form is inspiring, motivating, and even more informative.

$50    $34.97

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Hi, I'm Marina. Your Deliciously Planty Creator. This is My Story & Approach to Food.

I am a high-raw vegan educator, recipe creator and coach. I create quick, easy and extremely flavorful high-raw vegan recipes on Soul in the Raw and educate about an evidence-based whole food plant-based lifestyle.

I went vegan to overcome PTSD (as a result of being sexually assaulted for 3 years in my teens) and horrible digestion.

Today, I spread my love for veganism and help others go vegan through a heart-centered and practical approach. For the animals, the planet, and our health.

That’s the short version. The slightly more detailed one is this:

After being a raw vegan for 4 years, I was still suffering from many of the things I wanted to reverse on this lifestyle. And I had many food cravings.

I loved the benefits of a raw vegan diet, but also wanted to feel balanced and happy with what I ate – completely fulfilled and content.

So I came up with this incredible high-raw lifestyle that combines the best of all words. It is based on science – including foods like greens, beans, nuts, and seeds – that provide unbelievable health benefits. But also based on a passion for food, creativity, and soul.

My meals and the meals you will find in this program are never boring. They are all made with whole foods, yet they are creative, full of flavor, and full of my unique raw soul touch ;).

After eating this way for a few years now, my food cravings and health concerns are gone! The combination of love and science made all the difference.

I’m here to inspire you and give you the tools you need to finally make healthy and flavorful go together! 

Your Questions Answered

What is Deliciously Planty?
It’s a 1-month meal plan designed to help you finally go plant-based with joy: prepare easy, quick, delicious, and very healthy whole food, plant-based meals that fulfill your daily nutritional needs and taste buds.
Who is this program for?
Deliciously Planty is suitable for anyone. I’ve created this program specifically for those just getting started on a plant-based lifestyle, or for long-term vegans who are wanting to transition to a more whole food diet.
Who is this program not for?
This program is not for seasoned whole food plant-based eaters and cooks who have crafted the perfect eating routine for themselves, and are very knowledgeable about the exact nutrients they need to eat every day, and how to get them through delicious and satisfying meals.
What happens after I enroll?
You’ll immediately receive access to your PDF’s – 4 weeks of vegan meals, grocery lists, and batch cooking guides, plus the bonus video series ($49 value).
What equipment do I need?
You will need a good knife and cutting board, as well as preferably, a powerful blender like this one, or this one. You can also use this one (a budget-friendly, less powerful option).

I also recommend getting this food processor.

Are you using any hard to find ingredients?
Nope. As you can see from the testimonials above (from testers from all over the world), the ingredients are easy to find.
How long do I have access to program materials?
You get lifetime access.
Do you use gluten?
All recipes are gluten-free.
Are the recipes complicated?
Nope. Easy and quick is the name of the game.
*As this is a digital product, all sales are final.

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