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“Does fruit make you fat”? My clients constantly ask me this question. There is a great debate out there about fats vs. carbs, oils, protein, and my favorite: is fruit bad for you? Does fruit make you fat? Fruit has a lot of sugar, some say, and you should minimize it if you are trying to minimize your wait-line.

Some Fruit Facts:

  1. Fruit is mostly made up of carbs, and digests extremely quickly in the body
  2. It is very hydrating, and the water contained within it is more pure than our tap water, and thus more hydrating!
  3. Fruit contains large amounts of vitamins
  4. Because fruit is so easily digestible, mixing it with other foods that necessarily digest slower than it, can be a digestive disaster for some people. You should always check how your body reacts to eating fruit with fats, for example. If you feel sluggish afterwards, stick to plain fruit. 
  5. When you eat enough fruit, you feel naturally full and satiated, but it is a fullness feeling that is very different from the one provided by cooked carbs. It is much lighter. 

So, does fruit make you fat?

Let me give you my answer: No. Eating fruit is one of the best ways to eliminate sugar cravings and lose weight! I have been eating fruit about 3 times a day in large amounts for years now.

For research-based evidence on fruit, watch this video

Fruit is one of nature’s best gifts. It is light in the body, it hydrates, provides nutrients we need, and doesn’t weigh us down.

Try to run after you eat some fruit – it’s a whole different feeling than running after a bowl of pasta.

If you eat fruit all day long until you are full (and definitely not more than that), you will attain your perfect physique. After eating fruit, I feel light and wonderful (and this feeling took some time to get used to). 

Our body runs on carbs, and fruit contains the simple carbs that our body needs. True, you need to eat much more of it than you would other more dense foods. But isn’t that so much fun?

I recommend that you try eating 1 fruit meal a day. If that’s too much for you, start incorporating 1 cup of fruit before every single meal of the day. And yes, the key is BEFORE, not after your meal. This way you will not crave sweets. Your blood sugar will feel balanced before your meal, and your digestion will work marvelously!

does fruit make you fat

To get started with your fruit meals, check out this 2-week Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Plan and Grocery List. It will show you how to eat fruit meals that you will absolutely love, in combination with nutrient-rich greens! You can download it free here

Get your fruit on everyone! And greens too 😉


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