How to Use Emotional Triggers for your Growth, as a Sensitive Person

Do you experience anger and get thrown off your center by other people’s comments and behaviors? Join me to discover the tools+practices to reduce charge on your triggers and return to calm faster, stop absorbing other people’s energies, and respond instead of re-act.

/emotional trigger/

That moment when someone says something to you, and maybe looking back it’s not actually a huge deal, but in the moment – it triggers an earthquake of anger+fear, where you want to strangle that person a little bit. It can even destabilize you for the rest of the day. This can provoke guilt, shame + anxiety.

WHEN: Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

WHERE: Virtual, participate from anywhere

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Workshop Flow & Contents

⥤ 90 minutes of training & workshop: experience 3 simple tools to grow from your emotional triggers

⥤ Discover what emotional triggers are, how to recognize them, and what to do when you’re triggered

5 levels of transformation: behavioral, mental, emotional, somatic (sensation in the body – the best way to recognize when you are triggered), and unconscious

⥤ Use your sensitivity as a gift and set boundaries to prevent from absorbing other people’s energy

⥤ Experience the 3 stages of transformation you can use to shift any behavior 

What You Will Walk Away With from this Workshop:

The steps to reduce the charge on your trigger, so that you can return to calm+peace faster and take dominion over your emotions – rather than their victim 

❥ Respond instead of re-act when you’re triggered

❥ Stay grounded and stop taking on other people’s energy and emotions

his is for you if you…

❥ Are excited about your personal growth, and want to take your journey of self development even deeper

❥ Hide or lash out when you’re triggered and are motivated to shift this

❥ Are hyper-sensitive to other people’s emotions and energy, and this often makes you feel unstable  

Here is an Example of What We Will Be Doing During the Workshop…

Client Love Notes

Hi, I’m Marina…

I am a transformational coach who loves working with high achievers who have a huge heart and are sensitive, to help them expand their comfort zone, grow from triggers, and stop taking on other people’s energies.

As a high achiever myself, I spent years basing my self worth on achieving the “goal”, the destination, rather than enjoying the journey of life itself.

By learning to use triggers for my growth, I learned full self acceptance, that my self worth is a fact, period, not dependent on any outside thing, and found peace in every part of life: including all emotions, sesations, and even difficult circumstances.

I am so grateful to be guiding other beautiful light workers like YOU to enjoy more of life, fully accept yourself, and tap into your inherinet self worth.

   Marina Yanay-Triner