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You should not eat the same thing every single day, and a single item should not dominate your week. However, a category of foods like the ones I have posted down below can be repeated each and every day, and should, only if you pick a new item within that category daily.

I have put together this list as a way for you to cover all of your raw vegan and even vegan bases. If you follow this list, you will most likely receive every single nutrient that you need every day, escaping deficiencies. That being said, you should always consult with your doctor, and have regular blood tests to confirm that you are on the right track. Every single body is different, and we need to be certain that our body is responding well to our regimen.

I hope you enjoy this list and implement it. When you come up with awesome recipes of your own that incorporate these delicious ingredients, please share them in the Raw Souls Community Facebook Group. It’s a free facebook group where we share recipes, health tips, and support each other along a healthy, whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle.

To help you implement this list, I have also put together a free Ebook of recipes for each item. Yummy!

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GUIDE: 10 Food We Should Eat Every Single Day

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