The Plant-Nurtured Body and Soul

3-Month Plant Based Group Coaching Program

You fully believe in the powerful benefits behind a whole food, plant based diet, but are having trouble sticking with it long-term.

You’ve been able to have long stretches of eating plant based, but then, suddenly, you fall off the wagon.

This program is designed to give you all the support, accountability, tools, and education you need to stick to this lifestyle for good.

Do you experience this:

Receiving sobering news from your doctor: that you’re pre-diabetic, have signs of upcoming heart disease, or are overweight
• Not feeling at your optimal: not sleeping well, feeling lethargic, stressed out, experiencing brain fog, or just achy overall
• Cravings for sugar and dairy
• Not being entirely sure about what constitutes an optimal plant based diet 

Overwhelm at the grocery store, and many wilted vegetables in the fridge
• Inability to stick to a healthy eating routine long-term, even after trying for a while
Anxiety about eating vegan in social situations, especially around non-vegan family and friends
• Self doubt that you can turn all this around
• A craving for self development and growth in a community setting

I also used to struggle with sticking to a plant-based diet…


When I started eating plant-based over 7 years ago, I fully believed that being vegan was the answer to preventing disease and feeling my best, but I couldn’t manage to stick to it.

I was living in a non vegan-friendly city, dealing with lots of digestive and PMS issues, and kept craving (and giving into) dairy cheese, constantly. 

After 4 years of struggle, I found a way to make this lifestyle not only work for me without experiencing any cravings, I even healed my terrible PMS and began thriving (loads more energy, and even a new gym habit!) as a whole food plant based eater!

How did I do this? I’ll share my secrets with you right now: 

Community support

Cooking delicious food that I crave more than any other meal

Massive amounts of science-based nutrition knowledge

A powerful commitment to my health and well-being 

Caring about my emotional and mental health alongside my food choices

I created this program to support you through implementation of all of these, in a loving, small-group setting.


3-month plant based group coaching program

• Sustain plant based eating long term!

• Learn what you need to do every day to get healthier, prevent disease, gain energy, and feel your very best!

• Belong to an intimate (maximum of 10 participants), loving community with ongoing support and accountability


• Feel like you’re not alone in your plant based and self-growth journey


• Gain in-depth knowledge and skills about plant based cooking and nutrition


Manage stress and your emotions to make your plant based journey more holistic and successful in every way 

Is this the program for you?

This program is for you if you: 

Struggle with maintaining a plant based diet long term

Have some basic knowledge about plant based eating

♥ Want to gain more in depth plant based nutrition knowledge and cooking skills

♥ Love learning in a group setting (and if you feel challenged by it – introverts, I welcome you with open arms and I am here to support you!)

♥ Are interested in other aspects of health in addition to nutrition, and crave a holistic self-growth and development journey

This program is not for you if:

♥ You are easily maintaining a plant based diet for many years, and feel really great, with stellar blood-work

♥ Are not sure if a plant based diet is healthy or not

Are not willing to make a serious commitment to your health by showing up for yourself and our sessions, or doing the work!



During these three months, you’ll finally learn what skills, habits, and mindset shifts you must make to easily stick to a whole food plant based diet for life!

This is an exclusive, small group experience where you’ll feel supported each step of the way as you take plant based eating from a dream to a life-changing routine!




This is a 3-month group coaching program

First in-depth private strategy coaching call session: define your goals for the next 3 months and set a specific plan of action (60-90 minutes)

Recorded group coaching calls every 2 weeks, including a nutrition and cooking class and a Q+A plus implementation (which means implementing what you’re learning live together, to keep you accountable & taking action); equal opportunity to participate on group calls is prioritized.




Unlimited support from me personally via whatsapp, and in our whatsapp group chat 







Get an entire month of delicious, plant-based meals that are oil-free and completely unprocessed but taste heavenly and take just minutes to make! All the meals are balanced for nutrition, so you get all the nutrients you need in a day. Each week in the meal plan comes with a grocery list and batch cooking guide.

Plus, get my brand new e-cookbook, filled with 70+ whole food plant based recipes for every meal of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks too)! We will use it in our implementation sessions as practice in building your meal plans.









Watch an entire course on nutrition, spelling out how you can easily get every single nutrient requirement fulfilled on a plant-based diet. Plus videos on meal planning and prepping for success.











4 new recorded guided meditations each month to cover healing all aspects of you

4 new journaling prompts each month to explore any pitfalls or blocks you’re facing with food + all aspects of healing

New 1-day super versatile well-balanced whole food plant based meal plan each month, with instructions on how to use it to create hundreds of other meals 









Tracey’s Whole Food Plant Based Transformation

Pricing and Dates

Pricing: $347 per month, for 3 months; payment plans available

Dates: first recorded group session on August 25th; one-on-one strategy calls will be done between August 6th and the 24th on a mutually-agreed upon date

Let’s chat to see if this program is the right fit for you!

“Even though you were miles apart I felt your coaching advice right next to me. It wasn’t only about the food but about wellness, being enough and simple advises that made a big change in me… I really loved that journal work I did with you, it helped me a lot even to figure out many things I was feeling and for that I’m immensely grateful! I was thinking today that this month I haven’t felt anxious as many other times, and when I have felt more disturbed you have been there for me to open up, figure out what is it that I m feeling and enjoy something that I had never stopped to think about. I really felt a friend, even though I haven’t physically met you, more that a coach.”
Margarita I.

“On a recent visit to San Diego, my Mom and I had the pleasure of taking a plant-based cooking class with Marina. Although I have been preparing vegan and raw vegan dishes for many years, lately I have not been motivated to cook. After Marina’s class, I have a renewed passion for being in the kitchen. Both her attitude and her knowledge of what flavors work together have inspired me like no website or cookbook ever has. I am so excited to take what I have learned and put my own spin on several of the dishes we learned how to prepare. (Although I can make them as is, the flavors are Amazing!!) I was also impressed by how much she does in her moderate kitchen space. I have been using my small kitchen as an excuse, but no more! Lol. Thank you Marina, you are a catalyst for a healthy lifestyle!”
Kelly J.

Pricing and Dates

Pricing: $347 per month, for 3 months; payment plans available

Dates: first recorded group session on August 25th; one-on-one strategy calls will be done between August 6th and the 24th on a mutually-agreed upon date

Let’s chat to see if this program is the right fit for you!

Your Questions Answered

How do I know if this program is right for me?

Book a 100% free, no obligation call with me and we can discover together whether we are the right fit for working with one another.

What equipment do I need for this coaching program?

You will need a good knife and cutting board, as well as a powerful blender like this one, or this one. We can also work with this one (a budget-friendly, less powerful option).

If you can get a food processor, that would be really great, but totally optional. This is the one I recommend.

Where will coaching take place?

The coaching is completely online, and you will have a chance to speak in the group live! Equal opportunity to participate will be prioritied for everyone.

Is this program suitable for beginners or long-time vegans?

This program is perfect for you if you have some very basic knowledge about plant based eating (for example, what you can eat on a plant based diet). Beyond that, beginners are most welcome!

If you’ve been plant based for a while but are still having trouble sticking to it, this is the perfect program for you.

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