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I love getting interviewed about Soul in the Raw, my story, and my daily life. It allows me to expand my message of healthy living, self-care, and healing to even more people.

Here are my favorite topics to cover in interviews:

  • Raw veganism – the benefits of this lifestyle, how to do it, how I came to it, and why it’s about way more than food! +super helpful tips on getting started and sticking to it, as well as tips on how to do this the right way. 
  • Soul in the Raw – my baby + entrepreneurial pursuit. Why I started it, what led me here, and what it is all about.
  • Sexual assault and PTSD – a huge part of my life and purpose. As a former employee of the Rape Crisis Centers and a sexual assault survivor, part of my healing journey is also about spreading healing to others and sharing the things that have worked for me: whether it is food, affirmations, movement, or other self-care strategies.

If you’re interested in setting up an interview with me, just email me at with your full name, website, social media details, and the topic and medium of interview that interests you.

Looking forward to chatting!