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4-Week Vegan Coaching Program for Plant-Based Living:

One-On-One Online Coaching Program

You’ve tried to transition to a healthy, plant-based diet alone a million times. Perhaps it was the candy/cheese/pizza calling your name, or the processed vegan junk food that blocked you from getting to your ideal weight.

This time, you’ll see that transitioning to this lifestyle with the support of an experienced vegan coach will feel extremely different, and it will get you to your goals so much faster.

Your Expected Results & Benefits from this 4-Week Online One-On-One Program:

♥ 30 days of accountability – having someone to always check up on you and check in with you!

♥ Reduce stress, gain energy, improve your digestion, and finally get to your ideal weight

♥ Receive a planned strategy for eating whole food plant based while enjoying your meals and not spending forever in the kitchen (a strategy you can use for life!)

♥ Enjoy your food, and make food your family will love too

♥ Develop a stress reduction strategy with my support

All About This 4-Week Personalized Coaching Program

♥ Online coaching program, entirely tailred to your personal health and diet needs and goals

Tools and support to successfully transition to a whole food plant-based lifestyle that is science-backed, easy, delicious, satisfying, and covers all your body’s nutritional  needs

♥ Knowledge for life – this is a lifestyle, not a diet. Live without giving in to cravings, getting stressed about your meals, and fall in love with your food

♥ The results: truly finally feel like the best version of yourself! Get to your ideal weight, become energetic, vibrant, improve your digestion, and so much more! 

This Vegan Coaching Program Includes:

Personalized, custom monthly plant-based meal plan (based on your food preferences, weight goals, allergies, and health goals)

♥ Weekly batch-cooking guide + grocery list

♥ Initial consultation

♥ 2 check-in coaching calls

Unlimited email and text support

Daily motivation and check-ups

Effortlessly & Deliciously Vegan Breakthrough Session

Is This Program Right For You?


Sign up for a complimentary Breakthrough Session, where we will:

♥ Get super clear on the #1 step you need to take NOW to reach your goal  

♥ Delve deep and uncover the challenges that are holding you back from getting to your goals

♥ Get to know each other, and see if we are a good fit for working together 

♥ I will answer all your questions about this program

After you click on “APPLY” below and fill out the application, I will email you with my calendar and we can schedule your complimentary session.

I have been vegan for over 6 years now, and have been enjoying every bite of my quickly-prepared vegan food.

After falling in love with plants through my own journey, overcoming severe PMS and horrible digestive issues, I became a certified health coach. I then taught hundreds of people how to eat delicious and easy vegan food in my local and online classes, and grew a community of over 10,000 people!

Before finally succeeding with a sustainable, delicious, whole food plant-based diet, high in raw foods, I have also struggled with:

► Cravings

► Confusion

► Long hours in the kitchen

► Bloating

► Extremely painful periods

► Utter distress at the grocery store

► Total bewilderment at how to make meals that would actually satisfy me


If you’re a vegan newbie, have been struggling with eating a healthy, plant-based diet for a while, or totally new to healthy eating and don’t know where to start

You are totally in the right place.

I’ll support you through the tricky and challenging transition to successfully eating plant-based, with ease.

This Program is Right for You if You:

♥ Are super busy, and need a solution for quick, easy and delicious plant-based meals

♥ Are cool with putting in no more than 30 minutes of prep per meal  

♥  Value your health, but not willing to compromise flavor

♥ Believe in the power of food to heal your body, give you amazing energy, improve your digestion, get you to the weight you want, heal your skin, and more

♥ Want to invest your intention, energy, and money into improving your health and feeling amazing

♥ Want to follow a scientifically-backed nutrition plan for the long-term, without restricting calories or eating meals you hate

♥ Are open to learning fun new things, and get excited to have me by your side throughout the process!

♥ Want to improve your health and make changes, but have no idea where to start or how to go about it

Effortlessly & Deliciously Vegan Breakthrough Session

Let’s Get to Know Each Other Before We Begin

Sign up for a complimentary breakthrough session, where we will:

♥ Discuss your dream goals regarding your diet and lifestyle 

♥ Delve deep and uncover the challenges that are holding you back

♥ Get super clear on the #1 step you need to take NOW to reach your goal  

♥ Learn more about each other, and see if we are a good fit for working together. If we are, then I will invite you to join one of my programs.  

After you click on “APPLY” below and fill out the application, I will email you with my calendar and we can schedule your complimentary session. 

Your Questions Answered

What happens after I click 'apply'?
You’ll be taken to the application. Once you fill it out, I will send you my calendar so that we can schedule your complimentary session, where we can get to know each other and discuss next steps, if relevant.
What equipment do I need for this coaching program?

You will need a good knife and cutting board, as well as a powerful blender like this one, or this one. We can also work with this one (a budget-friendly, less powerful option). 

If you can get a food processor, that would be really great, but totally optional. This is the one I recommend. 

Where will coaching take place?
The coaching is completely online – we will talk via phone, skype, and other phone apps that works for us both.
What if I cannot complete all sessions in 4 weeks?
You may postpone your sessions for up to 2 months, and put them on hold (you must complete all sessions with me within 3 months).
Is this program suitable for beginners or long-time vegans?

This program is perfect for beginners, as I will dive into all the basics and will leave no question unanswered.

It’s also great for long-time vegans, as you will find that you will gain a great depth of knowledge from it, new recipes to try, and an understanding of how to make your vegan diet nutritionally sound to fit your body’s unique needs.