Effortlessly Whole Food, Plant-Based

1 Month of Accountability & Support Coaching Program

You’ve tried to transition to a healthy, plant-based diet alone a million times. Perhaps it was the candy/cheese/pizza, the processed vegan junk food, or the overwhelm of coming up with meal ideas that blocked you from getting to your ideal weight and health, and sticking to this lifestyle long-term.

This time, you’ll see that transitioning to eating plant-based with the support of a coach who has been through the same struggles and who fully believes in you will make the process so much easier, and help you get your desires so much faster.

Do you experience this:

Not feeling at your optimal: not sleeping well, feeling lethargic, experiencing brain fog, or just achy overall

• Cravings for sugar and dairy every time you try to make healthy, delicious food
• So much confusion and overwhelm about what great nutrition is, and how to make easy and delicious meals 

Stress at the grocery store
• Inability to get into any kind of healthy eating routine
Lack of excitement about your healthy, bland food
Anxiety about eating vegan in social situations, especially around non-vegan family and friends

• Lack of belief in yourself that you can stick to this long-term

• Failing to stay on track, as hard as you try

I also used to struggle with a plant-based diet…

When I started eating plant-based 7 years ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in the kitchen, or how to get all my nutrients. I experienced cravings, bloating, extremely painful periods, and could not seem to find delicious meals to satisfy me.


I was living in a non vegan-friendly city, dealing with lots of digestive and PMS issues, and had no interest in cooking.


But after a few years, and lots of research, kitchen experiments, and becoming certified as a coach, I learned to:


Prepare delicious, easy, satisfying plant-based meals


✔ Enjoy food with 0 cravings 


✔ Actually get excited about grocery shopping!


✔ Batch cook for the quickest meals


✔ Plan my meals for great nutrition and get rid of PMS and bloating!!!


✔ Read labels at the grocery store, so I can take charge of my own health


✔ Get into the perfect meal prepping routine that works well with my super busy schedule


✔ Eat vegan socially with non-vegan friends and family


1 month one-on-one coaching program

• Finally transition to a whole food, plant-based diet WITH EASE!



• Experience the vibrant HEALTH that you deserve! High energy, clear mind, great digestion, and more!




REMOVE THE OVERWHELM from the plant-based diet



• Say goodbye to CRAVINGS



• Plan and prep your meals with EASE so it becomes an effortless habit



• Learn to READ LABELS and shop quickly and efficiently 



• Eat a varied, delicious, and unprocessed diet that gives you ALL YOUR NUTRIENTS



• Navigate SOCIAL SITUATIONS with ease




During this month, you will experience major transformation.

You’ll cement the routine of eating a healthy, whole food plant-based diet with my guidance and a meal plan by your side.

You will follow a structured meal plan that I will provide you with, and receive daily support and accountability from me to make sure you’re on track.

This process is not only about getting healthy through food: I will guide you to work through stress, and any emotions that come up during this journey to create a holistic healing experience. You’ll walk away with tools for eating healthier, and also loving yourself like you never have before.


This is a 1-month, private, one-on-one coaching program that is completely customized to you and your needs

In-depth first coaching call session (60-90 minutes)

60-minute coaching call every 2 weeks that is completely customized to you + post-session worksheets (3 coaching sessions total) to help you transition easily and get all your nutrition and cooking questions answered




Access to text + email support from me to celebrate your victories and discuss your challenges along the way.

Daily text check-ins to make sure you’re staying on track and feeling motivated and inspired. This is what makes this program so unique: I will support you every single day and keep you accountable!







Get an entire month of delicious, plant-based meals that are oil-free and completely unprocessed but taste heavenly and take just minutes to make! All the meals are balanced for nutrition, so you get all the nutrients you need in a day. Each week in the meal plan comes with a grocery list and batch cooking guide.









Watch an entire course on nutrition, spelling out how you can easily get every single nutrient requirement fulfilled on a plant-based diet. Plus videos on meal planning and prepping for success.











Access my ENTIRE signature online course, where I teach you everything from flavoring meals, taste testing and cooking without oil, with extra bonuses and goodies. Learn more about this amazing course here.









Debra B.’s Coaching Testimonial

Full video: https://youtu.be/KbFK7BlOYVM

Debra’s website: www.cbd2power.com

Is this program right for you? Book a call and let’s discover if we are a good fit for working together!

“Even though you were miles apart I felt your coaching advice right next to me. It wasn’t only about the food but about wellness, being enough and simple advises that made a big change in me… I really loved that journal work I did with you, it helped me a lot even to figure out many things I was feeling and for that I’m immensely grateful! I was thinking today that this month I haven’t felt anxious as many other times, and when I have felt more disturbed you have been there for me to open up, figure out what is it that I m feeling and enjoy something that I had never stopped to think about. I really felt a friend, even though I haven’t physically met you, more that a coach.”
Margarita I.

“On a recent visit to San Diego, my Mom and I had the pleasure of taking a plant-based cooking class with Marina. Although I have been preparing vegan and raw vegan dishes for many years, lately I have not been motivated to cook. After Marina’s class, I have a renewed passion for being in the kitchen. Both her attitude and her knowledge of what flavors work together have inspired me like no website or cookbook ever has. I am so excited to take what I have learned and put my own spin on several of the dishes we learned how to prepare. (Although I can make them as is, the flavors are Amazing!!) I was also impressed by how much she does in her moderate kitchen space. I have been using my small kitchen as an excuse, but no more! Lol. Thank you Marina, you are a catalyst for a healthy lifestyle!”
Kelly J.

Am I the coach for you?

I love working with people who: 

♥ Are motivated and driven to reach their highest potential in all aspects of life 

♥ Believe in the healing power of a plant-based diet, but are not sure how to make it delicious and optimally healthy for them

♥ Cherish the power of the mind and intention in getting to their goals 

♥ Love feeling supported and guided by someone who has already been through their same struggles and will be their biggest cheerleader 

Tracey’s Whole Food Plant Based Transformation

Is this program right for you? Book a call and let’s discover if we are a good fit for working together!

Your Questions Answered

What happens after I click 'BOOK'?

You’ll be taken to my calendar so that we can schedule your complimentary session, where we can get to know each other and discuss next steps.

What equipment do I need for this coaching program?

You will need a good knife and cutting board, as well as a powerful blender like this one, or this one. We can also work with this one (a budget-friendly, less powerful option).

If you can get a food processor, that would be really great, but totally optional. This is the one I recommend.

Where will coaching take place?

The coaching is completely online – we will talk via phone, skype, and other phone apps that works for us both.

Is this program suitable for beginners or long-time vegans?

This program is perfect for beginners, as I will dive into all the basics and will leave no question unanswered.

It’s also great for long-time vegans, as you will find that you will gain a great depth of knowledge from it, new recipes to try, and an understanding of how to make your vegan diet nutritionally sound to fit your body’s unique needs.

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