Everything but the Raw Vegan Kitchen Sink Class


It’s dinner time… and you don’t know what to make. Get bored no more! We are going to show you how easy it is to make raw food in your very own kitchen, and know what to do with all those beautiful veggies you got at the farmer’s market.

What you will get in this class:

  • A full 5-course meal
  • Ideas for improvising a healthy meal in your home, with whatever ingredients you have
  • Additional ideas of what you can do with every fruit and vegetable, aside from what we will be showing you
  • We will be creating a meal in our home, in our kitchen, without planning – as close to your reality as possible!

Where: La Jolla (exact address will be sent upon registration)
When: Sunday, July 3rd, 3:00PM
Cost: $35

4.5 years ago in an old dungeon, there lived a queen and king of the most unique order.

They ate fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds of the highest order.

They dined lavishly on greens and smoothies, using machinery only fit for those old times.

While their food was suited only for the most powerful, their ways of blending, chopping, and processing could be broader.

As times evolved, so did their appetites, creating creations suitable for peasants and the ruling class alike.

They uncovered all the deepest secrets for making their foods so fueling, that they couldn’t help but constantly hike!


Ok, joking aside…

My partner Tomer and I have been at it with raw foods for a long time now, and we have learned awesome tricks in the kitchen together. When we started out, we were absolutely clueless about what we could eat and how to make it taste good, but over time, we have really figured it out in a way that is fast and delicious too. We used to make extremely lavish dinners, where we would write up a list of about 7 dishes and put ‘M’ and ‘T’ on the side of each for who will be making which dish. Yes, we love food.

These days, we eat simpler meals, but really enjoy spending time in the kitchen. The coolest part of it all is that we really complete each other: each loves to make dishes that the other doesn’t.

That’s why we decided to teach this class together. In this unique class, we will ask you to bring the ingredients, selected from a randomized list, so that you can watch the process of making raw food live, in a real kitchen!

We wanted to give you the full experience of how easy it is to make a meal right at home, with whatever you have in your fridge and need to use up. You don’t need to make grocery lists specific to each dish you want to prepare. All you need to know is what each fruit and vegetable can do for you within the raw food world. With this arsenal at hand, you can go to the farmer’s market and buy whatever looks good, and make a meal out of it!

Raw food doesn’t need to be complicated, but it has to be flavorful, healing, and absolutely fun to make.

Are you ready for a fun adventure?

Once you register for this class, you will receive an email with a link and pass-code. Once you enter the website, you will be given 2 items to bring with you to class. This is an automatic email, and the chefs will not see the selections. The email will also provide the parking and directions to the class. If you have any questions about where to source them, what they should look like, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact Marina at rawsoulnutrition@gmail.com. Remember, no question is a bad question, so do not hesitate to ask! We know that some of you may be new at this.

We will make 5 dishes, including some sort of smoothie, salad, main dish, appetizer, and dessert. What will they be? Well, we don’t know. We will find out once you lay the bounty on our dining room table. Trust us, we are professionals. You will get a dinner so good that your belly and mouth will sing a happy, combined tune!
We will also provide tips about setting up your kitchen for making raw food, and how to make raw food with whatever you have on hand without recipes. 

Your instructor:

Marina Yanay-Triner, Soul in the Raw


Marina Yanay-Triner is a health and nutrition coach in San Diego, and founder of Soul in the Raw. She is a graduate of BodyMind Institute with a certification in coaching. She is proud to have the opportunity to teach people all about oil-free, whole, and delicious versions of classic favorites, the raw vegan way! She has taught many classes around San Diego, and hosted raw vegan dinners.

She will be joined by Tomer Yanay-Triner, her partner 

*We have a cat, so just be aware of this in case you have cat allergies.
*Class will only take place with a minimum of 10 participants. 

Where: La Jolla (exact address will be sent upon registration)
When: Sunday, July 3rd, 3:00PM
Cost: $35

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