How To Gracefully Transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle, and Stick to It!

Discover how you can easily transition to a plant based lifestyle to feel energized, prevent disease, and finally thrive!


Thursday, January 9th, 2020




What You’ll Discover on this Live Training:

❥ The absolute key to make the plant based lifestyle feel EASY

❥ 5 of the biggest myths when it comes to healthy nutrition

❥ The exact lifestyle to follow for better digestion, increased energy, and disease prevention

Soy Curls Recipe: Easy, Healthy Vegan Orange Chicken | Soul in the Raw

This is for you if you…

❥ Want to take your diet up a level, get on track with plant based eating, and know exactly how to do it without being hungry all the time

❥ Are ready to finally feel amazing: optimal weight, digestion, and energy levels, and even prevent chronic disease

❥ Desire to get clear about nutrition: no more getting confused about contradicting nutrition advice!  

“Happy Thanksgiving! Never in a hundred years did I ever think I would have a vegan Thanksgiving. It was always a dream. Thank you, you have forever changed my life. (No processed food, I’ve been taught by the best). Collard greens, mushroom eggplant bake, mac and chashew cheese, date coconut sweet potato pudding.”

– Debra B.

Hi, I’m Marina, and I’ll Guide You on this Training…

I am a whole food plant based health coach and recipe developer at Soul in the Raw. 

I went vegan over 7 years ago as a result of my mother’s healing story from a cruel and painful bladder disease.

In this process, I was able to heal my own extreme PMS symptoms, broken digestion, and grow a new connection with my own body. 

I create quick, easy and extremely flavorful recipes and coach others to transition to a scientifically-supported whole food, plant-based vegan lifestyle for health, the planet, and the animals.

Healing starts with your food choices, and on this training  I am going to share with you how easy eating this way has become for me, after I learned a few amazing tricks.

Are You Ready?

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