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Vegan Camping Food: Delicious Vegan Meals & Snacks | Soul in the RawThinking that if you go camping you have to give up delicious and nutritious plant-based meals? In this post, I want to share with you all about the vegan camping food I bring with me, and how easy it is to create really yummy meals while in nature.

All it takes is a little bit of organization – and you can have yourself a feast in the great outdoors that will fuel you for your day in nature, and even for hiking.

In this post, you will get loads of delicious vegan camping food ideas including breakfasts, snacks, and dinners with minimal dish washing. You will also get great tips for how to pack and prepare for your vegan camping trip.

My Undying Love of Camping

As a little girl, I went camping with my parents once, after which they refused to ever go again. They didn’t sleep well, felt uncomfortable, and got a backache from the whole ordeal. I, on the other hand, had the best sleep of my entire life, and secretly vowed to be back in the tent.

When I met Tomer, we quickly realized that we both loved spending pretty much all of our free time in nature. We had many great trips together, but my favorite was definitely our amazing Passover camping trip, which took us all across Israel, from south to north, for a whole week.

I remember packing up the whole car with delicious food (literally, the entire trunk was full of food – fruits and vegetables; we were 100% raw vegan then). We picked wild edible greens for our salads, hiked non-stop, and had the best time.

Ever since that big trip, which is probably my favorite trip we have ever done, we go camping quite a lot. We also go backpacking, which you can check out the post for here, with great meal ideas too. 

I am still trying to convince my parents to join us. But my main message is this: camping is fun and fit for everyone. Here are the reasons why I love it so much:

  1. You can have truly free, undistributed conversations and quality time with those you love.
  2. Nature is so healing, and getting away, especially if you won’t have cell phone reception, will clear your mind like no other activity.
  3. Eating in nature is way more fun. I don’t really know why, but you need to trust me on this one. Especially after you climb a steep mountain – it’s so much more rewarding than eating on the couch at home.

Now that we have that out of the way and you’re ready to go on your next camping adventure, let me share some amazing tips with you.

Vegan Camping Food: Crucial Tips for a Perfect Experience

Vegan Camping Food: Delicious Vegan Meals & Snacks | Soul in the Raw

Here are a few tips that will make your vegan camping experience a whole lot more fun:

  1. Pack way more than you need. I’m not saying you should bring your whole house, but do bring way more cookware, utensils, and food than you need. It can easily be stored and put away, but if you forget something, that can really ruin your whole trip!
  2. Plan a general outline of your menu ahead of time, especially if this is your first time camping. Write out not only your meals, but also what kinds of cookware and utensils you need for each. We prefer to go minimal, so we actually eat in the same bowls in which we store our vegetables, for example. But that’s up to you.
  3. Pre-wash all your produce, especially if you are not going to be near a water source. And in this case, make sure to bring a large bottle of water with you for washing.
  4. Pre-make as much food as you can, if you want. I find that sometimes it’s very calming to chop my salad on the spot, but that’s up to you also.

Now, let’s dive into some delicious vegan camping food ideas for each meal of the day.

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Vegan Camping Food Ideas for Breakfast

Two easy and delicious vegan camping ideas for breakfast are overnight oats, and fruit.

Overnight Oats

It’s extremely easy to make overnight oats, and they are very filling. Truth is, you don’t even have to make them overnight. You can just mix them together in the morning, and enjoy just 10 minutes later.

If you wish, you can pre-make your oats and bring them in containers ready to be eaten.

I recommend putting all the dry ingredients for your oats in a container, and adding the wet ones the night before you eat them, or in the morning.

My typical camping or backpacking overnight oat combo is something like this: oats + turmeric + black pepper + dates, or coconut date rolls, chopped up + raisins + peanut butter. You can even add a chopped up Lara Bar if you wish.

This is an extremely filling and anti-inflammatory combination that is so easy to make on the spot. It will keep you full for many hours.

Here are some more overnight oat recipes from the blog:

  1. Overnight Oats: The Perfect Vegan Breakfast 2 Ways
  2. Caramel Overnight Oats
  3. Ginger Turmeric Oatmeal


Vegan Camping Food: Delicious Vegan Meals & Snacks | Soul in the Raw

As I mentioned above, when Tomer and I went camping for an entire week together, we took a huge amount of fruit with us. Bananas, oranges, tangerines, watermelon, mango, kiwi, papaya, peaches – these are just some easy and quick ideas that you can take with you camping, and eat for breakfast.

Be sure to take enough fruit if you plan to eat it for breakfast, as it is very juicy and not very calorie-dense. Also, if you are going on a long camping trip, be sure to take some unripe fruit (like bananas) that will ripen if you place it in a warm spot.

The upside to bringing fruit for breakfast is that the preparation and dish-washing is very minimal, and the flavor is extraordinary. The downside is that if you are going hiking and not just camping, it might be too heavy to carry, so keep this in mind. Fruit is very bulky for very little calories.

Vegan Camping Food Ideas for Lunch & Snacks

Vegan Camping Food: Delicious Vegan Meals & Snacks | Soul in the Raw

For your vegan camping food lunch ideas, I highly recommend either choosing the above options one more time, or enjoying snacks.

When we go camping and hiking, we usually eat snacks throughout the day before dinner, since it is much easier and quicker to eat than a fully prepared lunch.

Here are some wonderful vegan snack ideas for camping or backpacking:

  1. Roasted chestnuts 
  2. Dehydrated nuts and seeds. You can easily make your own if you have a dehydrator, or try these.
  3. Lara Bars. My favorite is pecan pie flavor.
  4. Trader Joe’s healthy chocolates
  5. Dried and freeze-dried fruit
  6. Raw onion rings
  7. Raw nori sticks
  8. Raw broccoli poppers  
  9. Home-made energy bars
  10. Bliss balls 

Vegan Camping Food Ideas for Dinner for Lazies

Vegan Camping Food: Delicious Vegan Meals & Snacks | Soul in the Raw

There is only one dinner option that we continue to make over and over again when we camp. Even when we go on long camping trips, we make it every night (which is very unusual for me – I love variety). But this one is simply a winner.

My favorite vegan camping dinner is this: Arabic chopped salad + tahini + potatoes, eggplants, sweet potatoes in the fire.

Why do I love this options so much, and so will you? Because it requires very few dishes to wash, and no stove, gas, etc.

You can pre-prep your salad and tahini at home (although I do enjoy chopping it up in nature). I definitely recommend washing and wrapping your potatoes, eggplants, and sweet potatoes in aluminum foil beforehand.

A note about aluminum foil: this stuff is extremely toxic. Next time we go camping, I am going to avoid it by simply placing the vegetables directly into the fire for cooking. From my research, the way to do this is to wait for the fire to get down to hot coals, then place the vegetables in the fire. You will no longer be able to eat the peels, however.

Vegan Camping Food: Delicious Vegan Meals & Snacks | Soul in the Raw

For the salad, be sure to follow this recipe. It’s SO SIMPLE, yet literally my favorite salad in the world. I could eat it every single day.

For the tahini, I have many recipes for countless variations here. A very basic, whisked version would be tahini (make sure to use this specific brand; it’s absolutely delicious) + water + lemon + salt. Thin it out to your liking with the water, and simply mix all ingredients together.

Vegan Camping Food: Delicious Vegan Meals & Snacks | Soul in the Raw

What is your favorite camping food?

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