Soul in the Raw: Easy Recipes for High-Raw, Whole Food Plant Based Living Cookbook

PDF Cookbook with 70+ Delicious & Healthy Vegan Recipes for Beginners and Long-Time Vegans Alike!

✓ Over 70+ delicious whole food, plant-based vegan recipes in PDF form: including desserts, smoothies and bowls, chia puddings, oats, cheeses, sauces, dips, dressings, salads and bowls, savory mains, noodles, pastas, soups, and more

✓ Cooking, nutrition & mindset tips: what is included in a plant based diet, the benefits of plant based eating, what’s in a plant based kitchen & pantry, nutrition and lifestyle success tips

Gorgeous photos and easy to follow recipe instructions, perfect for both beginners and long-time vegans

High-nutrient & healthy recipes: all recipes are oil free, refined sugar free (sweetened with dates), and do not contain any overly refined/processed ingredients

Recipes for all times of the year: including raw and cooked dishes that are easy and quick to prepare, as well as party meals for the whole family and for your guests