Healthy Vegan Lunch Ideas to Last You a Whole Week | Soul in the RawIf you’re looking for delicious, healthy vegan lunch ideas – you’ve come to the right place! This vegan lunch meal plan will last you an entire week, with simple, quick, easy yet insanely satisfying meals. 

I love these vegan lunch ideas because not only are they so delicious (you won’t miss the meat or dairy), they are also incredibely healthy and packed with loads of nutrients. These seven vegan lunches are perfect for packing to go to work and school too! 

At the end of the post, you’ll find a grocery list for all of the lunch recipes on the list, with links to where you can find most items. 

More Healthy and Delicious Whole Food Plant Based Recipes for the Week!

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Vegan Lunch Idea #1: Kale Caesar Salad with Oil-Free Croutons

vegan work lunch recipe: Kale Caesar Salad with Oil-Free Croutons

A simple, yet mega flavorful kale Caesar salad. My favorite part about this amazing salad is the dressing and creative use of tortillas for croutons to create a full meal.

Full recipe >

Vegan Lunch Idea #2: Vegan Orange Chicken

Soy Curls Recipe: Easy, Healthy Vegan Orange Chicken | Soul in the Raw

The marinade in this incredible orange chicken will totally blow you away! It tastes just like the orange chicken I used to eat at Panda Express. Well, alright, not exactly the same, but pretty close and so tasty. We are using soy curls for the chicken texture, without the preservatives, colorings, and any other nasties.

Full recipe >

Vegan Lunch Idea #3: Vegan Alfredo Pasta

Vegan Alfredo Sauce Recipe | Soul in the Raw

If ou love pasta, you will adore this alfredo. It’s extremely creamy and filled with veggies and beans for the ultimate comforting meal.

Full recipe >

Vegan Lunch Idea #4: Vegan Chicken Nuggets

Vegan Chicken Nuggets Recipe | Soul in the Raw

Your kids will love these, and you will too! And they are made with amazing ingredients. Super healthy, oil free, and totally yummy!

Full recipe >

Vegan Lunch Idea #5: Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup: 7-Ingredient Vegan Recipe | Soul in the Raw

This is the quieckest soup you’ve ever made. Feel free to repalce the butternut squash with any other starchy vegetable you have on hand. It’s a wonderful, versatily and comforting soup to take on the go or enjoy at home.

Full recipe >

Vegan Lunch Idea #6: Cucumber Noodles with a Creamy Asian Sauce

Cucumber Noodles with a Creamy Asian Sauce

These noodles are so refreshing, and the sauce is also a favorite of mine! Crunchy, cold and creamy is a great combination for this lunch.

Full recipe

Vegan Lunch Idea #7: Teriyaki Chicken Noodles

Soy Curls Recipe: Easy, Healthy Vegan Orange Chicken | Soul in the Raw

Lastly, we are creating an amazing meal using soy curls one more time. These noodles with teriyaki chicken are divine, and I personally cannot wait until I make them again! They are a must.

Full recipe

Vegan Lunch Ideas Grocery List

Vegan Pantry Staples: Get Started on a Plant Based Diet with this List | Soul in the Raw

Here is what you will need for 7 days of delicious whole food plant based vegan lunch ideas (note that this is for 1 serving-size portion of all recipes, if you’d like bigger portions than just double or triple this list, as necessary).

Kitchen Equipment:

High speed blender
Food processor
High quality cooking pot 

Pantry essentials:

Whole grains and legumes:

non-GMO corn tortilla chips
1 package soy curls
1/8 cup chickpeas, dry (or 1 cup canned)
1 serving whole grain pasta 
1.25 cup sprouted garbanzo bean flour
1 serving king soba black rice noodles⁣
¼ cup quinoa

Spices and seasonings:

Black pepper
Himalayan salt
Frontier Garlic and Herb Seasoning
Mustard powder
Ground cumin
Chophouse seasoning
Cayenner pepper (optional)


Eden organics brown mustard
Nutritional yeast
Miso (chickpea or mellow white soy miso)
Coconut aminos
Vegetable broth

Nuts and seeds:

Raw unroasted almond butter
Chia seeds
Coconut butter
Cashews, raw and unroasted
Hemp seeds

Fruits and Vegetables:

3 Medjoul dates
1-2 English cucumbers or 4 persian cucumbers
1 piece of ginger
4 cloves garlic
9 ounces broccoli florets
1 bunch of curly kale or about 4-7 cups of roughly chopped curly kale
3 lemons
1 lime
1 zucchini
1 orange
1 small cauliflower
1 butternut squash
1 bell pepper
6 cherry tomatoes
A handful of sugar snap peas

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Marina Yanay-Triner is a wellness coach and recipe developer through Soul in the Raw. Marina creates easy and delicious vegan recipes and writes about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, focusing on evidence-based nutrition information. She loves to help clients go and stick to plant based eating through her powerful coaching program, combining nutrition and cooking education along with transformational mindset work. Marina adopted a whole food, plant based lifestyle over 7 years ago, inspired by her mother's incredible healing story of reversing a crippling bladder disease. She has reversed PMS symptoms and encourage emotional healing from trauma as a result of this transition. Marina is incredibly passionate about the vegan diet for human health, animal welfare, and the well-being of our planet, all of which she envisions as co-dependent.