Here is an example of my vegan meal prep for the week: 

Vegan Meal Prep for the Week | Soul in the RawIf you want to be successful with eating healthy, vegan meal prep is absolutely the key. Meal prep allows you to make a large batch of food, all in one day, saving you major time during the week. Additional benefits of vegan meal prep include reducing cravings, since healthy food becomes readily available, getting more nutrition, and avoiding washing too many dishes.

In this post, you will learn some awesome vegan meal prep tips, including how to meal prep for the most variety in your weekly meals. Most meal prep methods include preparing 5-7 entire weekly meals, while the method you will learn here is very different, and much more effective at providing you with variety, flexibility, and much fresher and more delicious meals!

Download a Sample 1-Week Vegan Meal Prep Guide

This vegan meal prep guide will help you save major time during the week, and will make food prep super easy.

Vegan Meal Prep Tips and Tricks for Easy Vegan Meals

These five tips will help you start your weekly vegan meal prep, and remove overwhelm from preparing meals during the week. The unique method of meal prep you are about to learn here will help you create variety in your meals, and remove cravings!

If you’ve never meal prepped before, here is what meal prep actually entails: batch preparing food, placing it in containers in the fridge, and then using it during the week. Most vegan meal prep will have you preparing an entire meal, and then eating that same meal 5 times during the week. You are about to learn an entirely different method here… 

✔ Soak your whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds the night before meal prep

Soaking in filtered water allows you to absorb more of the nutrients when you eat your nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes. All you have to do is place them in a bowl, cover with filtered water, and drain and rinse really well when you cook/use them. 

✔ Make meal prep fun!

vegan meal prep

Vegan meal prepping in a grumpy mood makes you abhor meal prep altogether. If you put on some good music, dance while cooking, and sip on your favorite healthy beverage with the smile of knowing how good you’re going to feel when you eat this food, then meal prep will feel like fun, rather than a chore! And then, you’re much more likely to actually do it! 

✔ Instead of prepping entire meals, do this!

vegan meal prep

Prepping entire meals ahead of time makes for a very boring week: you just eat the same things over and over again!

Instead, prepare batches of ingredients to then mix up into different meals: a batch of whole grains, beans, and veggies.

Download a Sample 1-Week Vegan Meal Prep Guide

This vegan meal prep guide will help you save major time during the week, and will make food prep super easy.

✔ Next for your vegan meal prep: make sauces

Vegan Mac and Cheese | Soul in the Raw

Sauces are the key to making several, very different-tasting meals throughout the week. If you make 2-3 batches of sauces that are oil free and nut and seed based, you will then be ready to make several vegan meals that have lots of variety during the week. Here are some of my favorite plant based oil free sauce recipes.

✔ Place all your vegan meal prep items in containers, and freeze leftovers in them too

Use glass containers to store your meal prep items in the fridge, and freeze them in glass containers if you don’t use them within 3-4 days. Most items, such as whole grains, legumes, and sauces that have a source of fat in them, freeze very well. Avoid freezing cooked vegetables, as they will become soggy. I highly recommend this set of glass containers for storing and freezing your meal prep items.

Vegan Meal Prep for Wellness

This online course will teach you everything you need to learn about vegan meal prep, meal planning, and setting up your kitchen and fridge for making delicious and healthy plant based meals.

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