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2-Week Whole Food, Plant-Based Meal Plan & Grocery List

2 Weeks of Quick, Easy, Delicious and Satisfying High-Raw Vegan Meals

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Healthy, vegan, plant-based, easy to make, oil-free, gluten-free, refined-sugar free, and absolutely delicious!

"The shopping list was categorized well. It made it easy to look for each item in the store. The plan was equally as easy to follow. The recipes were delicious and uncomplicated. They were not as time consuming as I thought therefore it was simple to stay on track." - Nancy B

"I’m living plant based over 2,5 years. But the most of the time not really healthy, cause of a lot of stress and business trips around the world. But since I used your WFPB plan it was easy to cut out oil, sugar and the huge amount of salt. The smoothies are so delicious, I just have a problem to get here kale, it’s not the season for it. But there are other things available :-) Now I stay focused and also if I’m in another country I order everything oil and salt free...I gained so much energy, unbelievable...thank you for your help...greetings from Germany" - Cornelia F.

Get a meal plan with 14 days of vegan recipes like:
Smoothies; Salads; Pasta; Pizza; Sushi; Oatmeal; French fries; Hummus; Stews; Wraps; Puddings

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Delicious, easy, quick and fun vegan meals and a simple grocery list

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