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Today, as I watched my sprouts grow slowly, and my crackers dry in my oven (on low temperature!), I had a thought cross my mind – I finally realized why everyone says that eating raw foods (whether 60% or 100%) is a lifestyle, and not a diet. It develops patience in the grower, in the consumer of foods, in the being that is in-tune and enlightened by nature.


I think patience is essential in life. But in our world, patience is a virtue that is quite hard to come by. Everything is go, go and go. The world moves fast, kids play on the cellphone, no one listens to the other, and we are all just rushing to our goals – and what is our goal if not death at the end of life? What is the importance of our life is not to enjoy the journey? Therefore, I believe patience is so important – not just patience in waiting for something, but patience in the every day, when talking to others, when talking to yourself – patience with yourself is the most important!

As you watch your sprouts grow, or the tomatoes in your garden, you realize it takes time… and you learn that you can’t get full-grown sprouts unless you wait, and wait, and wait! The best things you eat are fully ripe! Fully beautiful! And to eat a fully ripe fruit, you have to wait, whether you buy it at the market, or you grow it.

I’m realizing that this diet has instilled some patience and calm within me. Nature is very slow – things take their time, and they always rise at the right time. The pace of nature is like a wave rolling slowly to shore. It has nowhere to rush. It rolls down with grace, and then rolls back, it time. While we no longer live our lives that way, we’re missing the most beautiful things in life – the greatest moments, the true happiness. We’re always rushing somewhere…


Food is the most basic necessity. Without it, we would die. Waiting for your food, patiently, watching it grow and growing it yourself, is such a joyful experience! And it reminds you of what is really important in life – life itself. The right to have life, to grow, and to eat, calmly, slowly, enjoying every bite, chewing thoroughly.

A raw food LIFESTYLE shows me that I have to take my time, chew slowly, and enjoy every bite. That I should be happy and grateful for every moment. That I should step sometimes, when I walk on the street, and appreciate the trees, the birds, the sky, the stars, the sun. These “simple” things are the happiest things, the things that mean most. Without them, there is no life. Without noticing them, there is no happiness. When I eat raw, I don’t just eat raw – I slow down with my food, it transforms me. I get closer to nature, I join its pace, and I also grow deep roots and long green branches – I connect, I am grounded, but I also reach out to others and nurture others, and myself, of course.

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